# Main Features Of Datpub


Datpub is a cross-platform file sharing/transfer/backup utility. It turns your pc into private cloud storage and you may access files anywhere. And you can backup your phone photos/videos to your PC directly to get the better privacy. The file sharing is real-time and secure, others could access the shared files by web browser or Datpub app.

# Cross-Platform

Support: Windows 10+, Mac OS 12+, Android 9.0+, iOS 12+ We will release more platform buildings. If you need some special platform capabilities, please let us know.

# Compatible with major web browsers

Tested browser: Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera/Edge If you need batch and high-speed downloading, please use the Datpub app. Especially in the LAN environment, Datpub app can provide transmission speed of up to 40MB/S.

# Local Permission Control

All file access control is performed on the shared host, and the Datpub server DOES NOT store and manage any control and verification related to shared file access. Please read our online document of security to learn more.

# End-to-end encryption

Your files are encrypted when transferring, nobody could see or modify them. Datpub do not store file content on server, your file is always safe.

# Intelligent Channel Detection

Datpub can detect the best data transfer channel for the best transfer speed. Especially in the LAN environment, Datpub applications can directly connect to shared hosts to save bandwidth and improve transmission efficiency.

# Batch Download/Upload

If you download files in your browser, you can only download them one at a time; In the case of using the Datpub app, users can upload or download files in batches.

# Multi-threads transfer

Datpub uses multi-threading technology to accelerate file transfers, and in a LAN environment, we have achieved speeds of up to more than 100MB/s (Gigabit wired network + SSD hard disk).

# Built-in Media Player

Users could play poular media files through the built-in media player.

# Multi-Devices Login

One registered account allows logging in on multiple devices.. Free user: +1 additional device. Standard membership: +3 additional devices. Advanced membership: +5 additional devices.