Main Features Of Datpub


Datpub is an innovative file sharing/management utility that not only provides simpler, easier-to-use and more efficient options for file sharing in Windows, but also provides web-based file management and fast file search capabilities. Here are just some of the main features, many more powerful features are waiting for you to explore and discover. --The author of Datpub - Eric Yang

Low Resource Requirements

Installation package size: 8MB
Installed size: 16MB disk space

Compatible with Windows

Designed for win7/10/11, both 32bit and 64bit Windows are supported.

Compatible with major web browsers

Recommended browser: Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera/Edge

Local Permission Control

All file access control is performed on the shared host, and the Datpub server DOES NOT store and manage any control and verification related to shared file access.

End-to-end encryption

Your files are encrypted when transferring, nobody could see or modify them.

P2P Data transport

Peer-to-peer is the main data transmission method, fast and secure.

High-speed file transport

The fastest data transport speed is about 30M/S

Remote file management

An awesome replacement of FTP, you may access access your PC files from anywhere through Internet.

By the creative Datpub File Index Engine (DFIE), you can search from millions of files in less than 1 second.

File Access Log

You can clearly know who, when and how each file is accessed. All log information is stored locally on the host instead of the Datpub server.

Advanced file access privilege control

Users can precisely control file upload, download, available download times, validity period, deletion, anonymous access and other permissions

Multiple Data Channel

Nearly 100% accessible even in complex network environment. Users can choose the data channel by themselves.

Batch file download

Users could select and download multiple files in web browser, all files will be zipped to one file.

Excellent file access User Interface/User Experience

The unique web file access UI provides an enhanced user experience similar to Windows Explorer, but more concise and efficient.