# Datpub Frequently Asked Questions

image The FAQ document below contains many best practices about Datpub and it is recommended that you read it before using the software.

# What's Datpub?

Datpub is a cross-platform file sharing and transfer utility that runs on major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, etc.

Datpub avoids complex configuration and deployment, simplifying file transfer and collaboration for individuals and teams. At the same time, through the innovative design of minimum neutrality, the authorization and verification related to user data security are placed on the shared host side, which avoids possible account security risks and realizes the decentralized security protection of user data. The user's file data and its security configurations are never stored on any third-party server, which avoids the risk of possible data leaks.

Whether it's a PC, mobile phone or tablet, sharing and transferring files has never been easier. On the PC you can easily set up sharing and protection, visitors can be accessible in LAN or Internet environment, access means not only Datpub application, but also through the browser can also be convenient to download and upload files. On mobile devices, you can also conveniently backup photos and videos to your PC or other devices, and you can also download videos, audio, documents and other files to Datpub's mobile app, use the built-in media player or call other apps to open. Especially when the file transfer devices are all in the same LAN environment (such as the same WIFI network), the data transmission speed will be tens of megabytes to hundreds of megabytes, and video, audio, and picture files can be played online without downloading to the local area. Based on Datpub, you can not only easily share and transfer files, but also easily build your personal media library or private file cloud storage, the whole process is safe, easy to use and efficient.

# What operating systems Datpub can run on?

Datpub supports :

  • Windows7/10/11(32bit/64bit).
  • Mac OS 12.0+
  • iOS 15.0+
  • Android 9.0+

# On what devices Datpub can run?

Datpub can run on:

  • PC
  • Notebook
  • Tablet
  • Mobile Phone
  • Servers
  • Other devices that can run the operating system required by Datpub

# Is Datpub secure?

Security is the baseline of Datpub. Please check more detail here: Security.

# How do I sign in to multiple devices?

Step 1. You need to register a Datpub account, you can do it here. For example abc@dat.pub Step 2. At this point, your account is a free user, so you can log in to Datpub with the following two accounts: abc@dat.pub abc@dat.pub#1 The passwords of the primary account and sub-account are the same during registration, and you can set different passwords and shared host names in the user center.

Additional Notes:

  1. If you upgrade to a Standard Membership, all your available accounts are: abc@dat.pub abc@dat.pub#1 abc@dat.pub#2 abc@dat.pub#3 At this point, you can log in and use Datpub on 4 different devices

  2. If the same account is logged in repeatedly, subsequent login information will overwrite the previous login, and the previously logged in device will not be able to use the relevant functions of Datpub normally.

# If my Datpub account and password were stolen, will my file data be leaked?

Absolutely not, your Datpub account is only used to verify your user level and has nothing to do with your data storage and transmission. The security configuration of your shared directory is stored and retained locally on your shared host and is not uploaded to any other device. The security check of your shared directory is also not performed on the Datpub server, but on your shared hosting. We have completely decoupled the Datpub account system and the security of your file data, so you do not need to worry that the Datpub account may pose a threat to your data security.

# Where is my sharing configuration store at?

The Datpub configuration is store at a sqlite database of your disk, you may use any sqlite management utility to open and view it. The db location is:

  • In Windows - C:\Users[Your Windows Account Name]\AppData\local\datpub\data\cache.db
  • In Mac OS - /Users/[Your MacOS Account Name]/Documents/Datpub/db/datpub.dat

The shared folder path, access code and any other information about the sharing are stored in that, if you delete the db file, all the configuration will be clear.

# What is the file transfer speed of Datpub?

In a LAN environment, the speed depends on your network equipment and hard drive read and write speed, we have achieved transfer speeds of more than 100MB/s in the gigabit network and SSD environment.

  • In the wired transmission environment, the typical transmission speed is 50MB/S~100MB/S
  • In the WIFI6 environment, the typical transmission speed is 20MB/S~60MB/S
  • In the WIFI5 environment, the typical transmission speed is 10~40MB/S
  • In general, wired transmission is faster than wireless transmission.

In the Internet environment, we provide an encrypted transmission channel of about 30MB bandwidth, and the fastest file transfer speed at this time is about 3.75MB/S.