Datpub Frequently Asked Questions

image The FAQ document below contains many best practices about Datpub and it is recommended that you read it before using the software.

Who developed Datpub?

I'm Eric Yang, the author of Datapub, an indie software developer.
Everything of Datpub was done independently by myself.

Is Datpub secure?

Security is the baseline of Datpub. Please check more detail here: Security.

What are the installation environment requirements?

Datpub supports Windows7/10/11(32bit/64bit).

Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge. In most cases, Chrome has the best compatibility performance.

What's PNAM?

PNAM means Private Network Access Middleware. This utility is designed to access LAN shared files at high speed. In most cases, the web browser will not allow you access the LAN resource directly for security reasons. That presents a huge barrier to file sharing access on the LAN, and Datpub PNAM resolved the issue perfectly! So that, if you shared files in LAN by Datpub, the visitors should install PNAM on the client computer to access the files in high speed LAN data channel.

Click the download button, the page prompts that the file data has been obtained, but the browser does not save the file, what is going on?

In some cases, there is a delay(several seconds) between Datpub fetching the file data and the browser saving the file to disk. So please wait for a while and do not close the download page after clicking the download button.
If you are downloading on a mobile phone, please do not turn off or lock the screen, keep the download page in the foreground.